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In celebration of this year’s Skateshop Day we like to help and support you guys
with a great deal. Hopefully the sales are starting to pick up and you get a little
more traffic and love this weekend from people who care about you & your shop!

That’s why we’re offering up to 20% discount on everything from our B2B. This
weekend only (Saturday and Sunday)! To restock, try some new stuff or maybe
just to buy something nice for yourself.

Use the following promo code at checkout:
SKATESHOPDAY10 – 10% discount on orders above 500 euro
SKATESHOPDAY20 – 20% discount on orders above 1000 euro

Have a great weekend and happy Skateshop Day!!


*Only on orders placed on the 19th & 20th of February.
**Customers outside the BENELUX have to prepay their order.